Nenagh is a small town in the Midlands of Ireland.

It lies between Lough Derg & the Silvermines Mountains and is surrounded by rich farmlands & small hills.
The town is a busy market-town and is about 45 minutes from Limerick and 2 hours from Dublin.

Nenagh is quite old and its Norman castle goes back to c1200.

Sport is quite a big thing in Nenagh: Rugby and especially Hurling are the most played.

The Nenagh river runs into Lough Derg, which is used by sail-boats, windsurfers, motorboats and tourists on barges & houseboats. Lough Derg itself is part of 3 counties: Galway, Clare & North Tipperary and the river Shannon runs right through it.

"The name "Nenagh" is derived from two Gaelic or Irish words; "an" meaning "the" and "aenagh", "fair". The first "a" is dropped in each word, thus giving the anglicised form of "Nenagh". The addition of "Urmhumhan" gives the aenagh or aonach (the modern spelling) a territorial location - the Fair of Ormond/East Munster. Many established residents affectionately pronounce it "Naina" which is closer to the old Irish name than the refined "Nenagh"." [Nancy Murphy, Walkabout Nenagh]

Nenagh has also got quite a strong music scene, ranging from Heavy Metal & Punk to folk and choral societies. It has a busy town centre and has retained a small independent shop character.

for other info on Nenagh click here or have a look in the local newspaper, everybody in Nenagh reads the Nenagh Guardian

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14th - 21st November 2010, Bangor, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.
5th - 12th February 2012, Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, Ireland.